Crystal Skull On A Rope Bodacious Bath Soap

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You will enjoy this rich and lushest body soap.  It weighs a hefty 6.5 oz. and is mounted on paracord to hang from your shower head.  No melting away in a soap dish for this bar!

This all natural glycerin body soap is our newest formulation and is crystal clear, nice clean spearmint scent, with sparkling glitter inside. It has 25% added glycerin which means it may sweat a little, like all glycerin soaps.

Our beard soaps  are absolutely “Soap-a-licious.”

This soap has often been claimed to exhibit paranormal conditioning phenomena by those who use it!

Benefits of using Crystal Skull Bodacious Body Soap:
• Crisp and refreshing spearmint scent.
• Moisturizes & nourishes your skin.
• Fatten with three natural oils.
• Made with added glycerin.
• A very soft textured soap.
• Vitamin E enriched.

Everything is in this soap to make your rough man hide conditioned and hydrated! Great for the ladies too!

Handmade in Tennessee where good things come from.
Manufactured in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

The fragrance, or essential oils used in Bodacious Beard and Bath Soaps are custom blended by a team of perfumers that are industry veterans with the knowledge and experience to ensure quality and consistency that is unmatched in our opinion.


How to use our bath soaps: Hot showers or baths sound good…. And feel good, but hot water isn’t doing your skin any good.  Water temperatures should range from 95-100 degrees, and your stay in the shower should be around 10 minutes or less.  According to experts, long hot showers strip the skin of its natural oils and can even make common problems like eczema worse. Also it increases generalized itching even in people who do not have skin problems.

So jump into the shower with warm water, lather up, turn the water down to a cool 80 degrees or less, and rinse. The cool or cold, as much as you can take it, seals the pores of your skin.  It closes the pores around the rich ingredients of our soaps.

How you towel off is as important as the shower. A rubbing action tends to strip the skin of the moisturizing benefit of our soaps. Toweling should always be done by patting down the skin.

When used properly your skin will have a smooth moisturized feeling to it.

 Contains very little cosmetic glitter!

 INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerine (kosher, of vegetable origin), Purified Water, Coco Amidopropyl Betaine (surfactant made from coconut oil), Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Sorbitol (moisturizer), vitamin E, Castor Oil, Oat bran, and Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier).

Caution: Please do a small skin test before using fully as product may contain allergens for certain individuals.

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