The History of Bodacious Beard Products

It’s Bodacious, so you know it is top quality that will meet and exceed your needs.

“The Quality Goes In Before The Product Ships Out.“

Mr. Bodacious #20Our original recipe came from an “Old World Family” formula. This concoction called for a brew of lard, whale blubber, or tallow (tallow is boiled down animal fats and flesh) with other materials widely available at that time. Realizing the original makers did not have the same quality products we have today, we set out to reformulate this amazing product using modern day substitutes to achieve great results without the no-longer welcome ingredients.

As our post-modern society moves away from animal by-products, fossil fuels and their by-products, we wanted to create a more earth friendly product.  All our products are made of 100%  renewable resources and not only animal, and earth friendly, but people friendly. Be assured none of our products contain petroleum-based waxes like Vaseline and paraffin. We just felt there was a better way, especially when there are other readily available alternatives.

We researched and tried a few of the many different balms and oils on the market. Most of them skimped on the ingredients and were over-priced. Still others became expensive when the shipping charges were added. We wanted to offer a broad spectrum of oils and butters, so that the relative advantages and disadvantages of each are balanced out. For example, if a balm only contains Shea butter, you may be missing out on the amazing qualities that other natural plant butters can provide, although some benefits of each ingredients would be somewhat duplicated. Also, as we realized that some oils absorb into the hair really well, and others do not. In our view, it’s better to even out the choice of oils so that there is a mix of moisturizing, absorbing, filming and shining oils to increase product effectiveness.

We will not bad mouth the other balms. Some are good. Some were even very good. You would recognize them if we called them by name. However after using them for over a month our beards started taking on a yellowing or staining effect. Some yellowing of white hair is natural, that is why people with blond, silver, and white hair often use purple-colored shampoo agents like “shimmering lights.” But this yellowing was far above the natural discoloration that can occur. We developed a process we call “santafication”. We use all natural, non-yellowing, non-staining products wherever possible. Our product not only helps keep white beards white, but any beard to retain its natural color.

After arriving at a great reformulated recipe, we began searching for a manufacturer. First, we tried to get a couple of well-known companies to produce our product to our specifications. We encountered responses such as, “you are wasting money putting in all of those ingredients,” “we can’t make your product at an economical price”, to refusals to make the product at all. This forced us to invest in the proper equipment to manufacture our own product line. And what is the result of these labors? Our product is fantastic! We believe this product to be far superior to any other on the market. Don’t be fooled by companies that skimp by using limited ingredients or who use fragrance oils instead of 100% pure essential oils. This product is hand crafted by ourselves, right here in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Yes, we said by ourselves! Sometimes like they say, “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.” Not only are we the manufacturer, but we are users of the products. We are very proud to offer this product to our fellow Brothers in Red, and everyone else.

We hope you will try our line of products and believe you’ll find them invaluable for improving the condition of your mustache and beard. We have developed subtle scents in Christmas themes that will not overwhelm you or those near you.  Believe us, you owe it to yourself to be treated and pampered by our Bodacious Beard products.

The most important “physical characteristic” about you is your beard!  Or as we prefer to call them, our “MANES.”   If God had not intended for men to have beards, He wouldn’t have put hair on our faces!   Fulfill your God given destiny and Beard on.

Try our products and become a Bodacious Gentleman yourself.

Santa Charles, M.Div., RBS

“Mr Bodacious” –  Proprietor and User

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