What Is The Difference Between Balms And Oils?

To those of you old enough, a beard balm is much like a hair balm. Growing up I remember “Dapper Dan” and “FOB’” were the two leading hair balms or if you prefer pomades. Quite simply put a beard balm is an all in one moisturizer, conditioner, softener, and styling aid.

A beard, because of its course nature, if not properly moisturized and conditioned will become dry, brittle and prone to breakage. For years I used the same products for my beard as I did my hair. This isn’t a good idea simply because you are dealing with two different hair types. While true you can get away with it, and something is better than nothing, your beard will “never” be what it could be! Our product contains over ten natural ingredients to ensure you get all the nourishment and moisturizing benefits your beard needs.

A high quality beard balm should contain at the very least jojoba and argan oils to condition and stimulate hair grow. And one good sealant either Shea or Bees Wax. Shea and Bees Wax seal in the benefits of the oils while providing a light hold to make your beard manageable during the day. Our product has all of the above and more.

Our beard oils use many of the same top-tier, 100% natural ingredients we use in our balms. So what’s the difference in the two products? The balms have Mango butter, Bees Wax and Shea butters which seal in the oils and make your beard appear fuller and fluffier. Basically, the balms add a little styling ability to your beard.  This is excellent news for guys with thin beards, and guys with thicker beards can have that “Bodacious Beard”! Beard oils absorbs quickly, nourishes your beard, and leave behind a nice shine with light scent which the ladies seem to love.  Beard oil doesn’t give as much fullness and fluffiness as the balm does.

Oil is easily applied and easier to work into the skin underneath the beard to promote hair stimulation and growth. The balm does the same thing but with a little more work to get it down to the roots and of your beard. With the oil you don’t quite get the styling benefits you do with the balms.

I often use oils as an additive during the day, or if I’m just working around the house. It really comes down to personal preference and what works best for you.