Why I Have to Share These Products!

Mr. Bodacious #8When I started making and using oils and balms the very first thing I noticed was – WOW, my beard appeared to be so much fuller. Secondly, immediate hair breakage and fall out seemed to stop. Previously, every time after a shower or whenever I combed or brushed my beard, I would lose several beard hairs (much to my displeasure). Now I may lose one hair per brushing, and a lot of times I brush or comb and don’t lose any. I may be spiting hairs here, (pun intended) but most men want to keep all the hair they can, whether on their heads or on their face. I don’t naturally have a full beard like some guys do. (Notice my picture to the side.) Once I saw how it made my beard appear, I instantly knew this is something I wanted to treat myself to on a daily basis. However, I felt most of the good products on the market were overpriced. I realized I could adapt my Old World family formulas I’d been given and develop just as good a product, if not better, at a more reasonable price. Thus, Bodacious Beard Products were born.

Quite simply, we offer the best product value for the price on the market, or internet! Period. The price you pay to treat yourself is easily off set by the money you save on razors, after shave, and shaving soaps.  A two ounce tin lasts me five to six weeks.  Your use may last a similar time period. But I have to warn you, once you use our product, you will never stop.

Keep in mind these two things I noticed were only the immediate benefits. Later, I observed increased and faster hair growth. A thicker beard because I wasn’t pulling out or having a lot of breakage when I combed or brushed. Over a time, my beard became stronger and shinier. It will take about three to four weeks for your beard and skin to become fully nourished and moisturized. And of course, longer for all those hairs that were being broken off or pulled out to grow back. Your own results of using these products may vary, and we encourage reviews of your personal experiences with our products.